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Adam: Team Member



Team Member

For over 5 years I’d been consumed by my addiction. Use had turned to abuse, I’d long forgot what enjoying life was like. Every weekend was the same miserable experience but I just couldn’t get out of the cycle.

The weeks leading upto reaching out were the worst of my life suicide thoughts every weekend, until the weekend of reaching out after another weekend of misery I seen no way out and decided it was time to end it all.

Sobbing my heart out head in turmoil writing my suicide note to my wife and heavily drinking. Thankfully passing out I decided I couldn’t live this life anymore. And the next day I reached out to Marcus. I was put on the program within a week.

I was told if I followed the program and trusted the process, everything I ever wanted would come my way, better health wealth, mental health, and creativity.

I did everything asked of me and all the rewards that I got told about came my way. I came in to Break Free to beat my addiction but not only did I do this I became a better husband, and better man. I’m loving and caring and have made the best friends I could ever image through break free.

I’ve finally open my own business and I’m more creative than ever. I’ve finally found peace in my head something that I’ve always wanted.

This program is unbelievable and something am so passionate about and proud to be part of.