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This time last year I decided I’d had enough of living the party lifestyle and all the mental and physical health issues that came with it. If I’m honest I didn’t realise that it was that lifestyle that was fuelling the issues, I believed my issues made me act that way. I Always knew something was wrong though, and decided to go the doctors over my mental health knowing I was only 4 years younger than my dad was when he died. Doctors helped but they just want to give you drugs which isn’t their fault for one minute.

Anyway instead I reached out to Break Free because Lee’s videos had proper hit home for me, I always had big mad plans for myself “if I do that I’ll be happy, if I dont drink ’til this time I’ll be buzzing, if I can lose this amount of weight I’ll be made up”, basically I was living a life that I wanted to justify to myself because truth be told I knew, I truly knew I was failing at it and even writing that there my eyes have filled up. I hated myself I truly did, I hated the person I had became and honestly I started to believe that’s just who I was and started to accept it.

That changed very quickly after joining Break Free, I can go the match, the races, raves, nights out all at peace and in no doubt at all how my night will end because I am in control of myself and my own brain.

I love my life, I love me, I love the person who I am becoming, not because of certain targets or timeframes or any other external factor but because I’m good, I know I am good, I know I am a good person , I’m not saying that for validation because truthfully I don’t care as long as i know who I am I’ll always be happy and simply put, I had lost myself but by accepting I had an addiction and learning how my brain works after years of me basically poisoning it. (weirdly my mental health issue’s went away too, mad that isn’t it?!).

This place has changed my life, its also changed the lives of the people I love. Earlier in the year I got asked to stick around and become part of the team and it was a very easy yes. If I help anyone at all feel the way i feel now I’ll be happy.

If you’re reading this you might have had similar problems, I’m not saying my life is perfect far from it, bad things happen, but I now deal with them things instead of ignoring them and making them worse.

All have a belter and trust the process 👊🏻✌🏻💙