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Austin: Team Member

Volunteer team member Austin


Team Member

In November 2021 I spoke to Rachel from Break Free and she managed to get me a start date on the programme in December.

Back then I was in a very dark place.

Alcohol and cocaine were destroying me mentally, physically, emotionally and also having a massive impact on my relationships with family and friends.

Over the years, I’d been in and out of various recovery services battling addiction. I’d spent many years thinking why am I doing this?

I came into this programme with total acceptance that I had really had enough. I was totally committed to never wanting to drink or take drugs again.

I applied 100 percent effort into the programme, turned up at every meeting and walk

The likes of the match now came second best as this was my priority now, fixing myself.

I enjoyed being on this programme, I was blown away by the sheer knowledge and wisdom, the help and support I received

I’ve never known anything like it. To this day I still am learning

I’ve met some absolutely brilliant people throughout all this, people who just want the best for each other and nothing in return.

I’ve never looked back since I started the programme and I know I’ll NEVER drink or use again as long as I apply this into my life day in day out

Now I can comfortably go the football and on holidays, stuff my addiction said I’d never be able to do without drinking or drugs.

I enjoy them for what they are now and not let drink or drugs ruin it.

If you’re thinking you have had enough of the drinking and using lifestyle that is no longer fun, don’t be thinking there is no way out or you can’t change. If you really want to you can. Break Free will help you do that.

Trust the process.