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Callum: Team Member



Team Member

Hello my name is Callum and I started Break Free as I wanted to quit the party lifestyle for good. The programme has completely changed my life. With the help of the team I have developed my understanding of the AVA technique and have truly broken free with this approach.

The programme has helped me to understand myself, gain control of my thinking and regulate and control my emotions, which until Breakfree i was unaware all were being controlled by IT the addictive voice. My life now is better than its ever been. I can go where I want and still enjoy all life has to offer and be totally comfortable in my commitment to never again. The programme has given me a set a tools and a simple process that will stay with me for life now.

Having completed the programme i was asked to stick around and help new starters on their journey. I feel privileged to be part of the team and hope to help you along your journey to Breaking Free!