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Confidentiality Agreement

By joining Break Free Support CIC recovery programme, you are agreeing to the following confidentiality agreement and to participation in group support.  

The Break Free addiction recovery programme includes support in the form of a WhatsApp group, face to face meetings, 1-2-1 support (remote and face to face), and walk-and-talks.  

I acknowledge that with group support of this nature there is a risk of disclosure of confidential information by persons in the group to individuals outside of the group.  

I agree that I will not disclose information learnt by me during the course of any group session and will protect each participant’s right to confidentiality.  

I agree not to disclose any confidential information to third parties. I further agree not to hold BREAK FREE responsible and release them from of liability that I could assert as a result of disclosure of my confidential information by co-participants in the BREAK FREE programme.  

I understand due to the nature of WhatsApp, my phone number will be visible to other members of BREAK FREE. I agree to not interacting with other members of BREAK FREE outside of the WhatsApp group during my time on the programme whether they are currently in the programme or have left. 

I understand I may choose to discontinue from the group at any time. 

I understand that any unauthorised disclosure of confidential information about a co-partipant, volunteer, staff member, or Break Free Support CIC itself may result in the termination of my association with the organisation.