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Craig Thompson 1

Craig Thompson

Team member

I’m 33 years old and the same as most people from Liverpool, I started young, around the age 15, 16 drinking, smoking weed, then as I got to age 16, 17 and I was working in a night club in Liverpool that’s when I started taking ecstasy, cocaine on a weekly basis.

I also had an apprenticeship as welder which I lost due to being a poor employee from using drugs. Then as years went by I eventually turned into weekly party animal which could carry on for days – from Thursday to Sunday.

But I always functioned in worked to support this lifestyle. Over the years I have been progressed into management in the construction industry. Here the lifestyle of drinking, using drugs was rife in all walks of life, from directors of companies, health and safety managers, project managers and whole site management where under its control of drinking and using. To the point where I was drinking every night, this put strain on my mental health and my marriage.

Now I have also been a keen weight lifter, boxer, circuit trainer out door explorer. But over the years I that life style was effected by the party life.

Now I train in the gym at 4am everyday, box every Tuesday and Thursday. And plan the mountain walks for the Break Free team and run their gym on a Monday.

I have never in life more energetic, focused, determined, and dedicated in my new venture.

I will always give 110% to be part of Break Free and help others to achieve there goals