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Team Member

I joined break free in March 2022

For years I had battled with an addiction to drink and drugs. We live in an addictional society where so many people struggle day to day but for whatever reason refuse to reach out for help.

We as a society need to remove the stigma of addiction with alcohol, recreational and prescription drugs so easily available.

To understand addiction is to learn about it because it can happen to absolutely anyone.
When I joined break free I wanted to learn and understand my addiction because how could I control something I couldn’t understand.

I was nervous, embarrassed and ashamed when I first walked in to recovery but these are feelings created by your addiction.

I’ve met the most amazing people with amazing families. Even the nicest kindhearted people make the poorest decisions in life but these decisions where most of the time made when in a world of addiction.

Joining Break Free without a doubt is the best decision I’ve made in my life because before I could see no way out. I had tried everything which always eventually led to failure.

Marcus Nicholas and Rachel Provost helped me get my life back. Helped me get control back to which now I’m happy with who I am