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Team Member

Where do I begin , 2nd January 2022, 8 o’clock the Shankly Hotel, I’d been drinking and using cocaine for 27 years , the last 5 years out of control, all my relationships were broken down, just had a written warning in work , I had not drank or used since the 6th of December but that 4 weeks were the most uncomfortable of my life.

I was met at the door by a member of the team, I had agreed if one person says something I don’t agree with I’m gone. I sat exactly facing Marcus and the team, I’d had 3 baths I had new clothes on but just felt dirty the team looked immaculate, once Marcus started talking I could relate so much to what he was saying and what other team members and members of the group were saying, the time flew by 2 hours and id agreed with everything they said.

Marcus asked at the end have you had enough and to be honest I don’t think id ever been asked that before but I just knew I had, even though my addiction was laughing, this time it was different I had a room full of people who could help me beat it.

I walked out feeling 10ft tall I knew this was it this was were I beat it, I jumped head first into absolutely everything, the gym, the meetings, the walks I attended everything on offer and within weeks of using these tools I had rebuilt relationships, moved my buissness forward on a refurbishment that had been stood still for years.

As the months went by I became so proud of my recovery with the support of the team and the friendships I’d built. I stayed on the program for 24 weeks, going to events, holidays, nights out, restaurants, football matches, all comfortable just using the tools I’d been given.

I’m now 11 months sober and clean not that we count because I’m forever, I’m now a member of the team at Break Free what is probably one of my best achievements to date as I owe this program my life. I’m constantly recommending breakfree and have a few people on the program I’ve recommended, this program, this team change lives, I’ve seen it I’ve felt it.

Just trust the process 👊✌️💙