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Team Member

I joined Break Free back in April in the hope they could help me. For over 21 years I have struggled with addiction, I have tried every service there is out there and continued to struggle over the years.

I have been tormented in my head, suicidal, ruined relationships, hurt friends and family and I’ve worried them all for years. I continued with life and work with a smile on my face keeping it all inside ’til there was no more hiding, you could just see the torment and misery on my face. I’m lucky to have the support from my family and friends but I could not fight this thing on my own.

As soon as I joined Break Free and watched Marcus’ videos I knew this was going to change my life, he explained that that voice in my head I always thought was me was actually my addiction-game on 👊🏼. All they asked of me was to give 100% and we would fight together and break free from addiction, and that’s exactly what we have done, I knew I would never go back to my old life and this was forever.

Within the first 12 weeks I went from taking 13 prescribed medications for alcohol depression and anxiety to zero, with my depression and anxiety completely gone. My recovery as honestly been the bestest time of my life.

I love everything about breakfree and I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing team and to be able to give back. We’ve got this 👊🏼✌🏼💙