Break free from drug and alcohol addiction in Liverpool
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I’m Kirsty 35 with two children I first started taking drugs around the age of 24/25 just socially mainly the weekends till it got to the point around 2/3years ago of becoming a daily thing I knew I had a problem I just didn’t want admit it.

I started seeing videos on Facebook from Marcus and Lee and thought there is people like me and there is help available that’s when I reached out and it’s the best thing I’ve done.

The tools given to you at Breakfree allow you to separate you from it (addictive voice) the meetings and walks are a big part of recovery and I gave it my all.

Since joining Breakfree I slowly started getting my life back I’ve got a job a new home and life is good.

I am clean from drink and drugs and 1 million % can say I will never use again.

I am now going to help others like I was helped.

This group saved me.