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Mick Leyland

Team member

I began using cocaine at the age of 30 as an occasional user at 1st which then spiralled over the years into everyday use.

Sought help via Addaction at the age of 45 and attended group meetings to learn Addictive Voice Awareness and how to free myself from my addiction. I found myself getting periods of abstinence under my belt and then would begin to drink alcohol again which led to me using cocaine again.

After a couple of years of continual relapsing, I took the programme seriously and took full control of my cocaine addiction by using the tools I had learned. Understanding that 2 parts of my brain were in conflict with each other, the Beast (my addictive voice) that wanted me to use cocaine and me (my right inner voice) the part of me that would ask me why are you doing this to yourself?

I was suicidal, depressed, hated myself and had been kicked out my home because my family were being damaged by my behaviour. I had to stop and I made the commitment that my Beast was no longer going to control me.

By taking my addiction seriously I managed to go 3 years free of cocaine use but began to drink regularly again towards the end of the 3 years and eventually I got drunk one night did not compete with my beast and began to use cocaine again.

For 11 months I continued to use daily until I finally decided I had had enough. I contacted Lee who I had been at the same recovery group with for years and spoke with him about stopping this cycle. He assured me that I already had the tools to do this but had to commit 100%.

I made the decision never to drink or use drugs again and since that day have not used cocaine for over 28 months.

I have used the technique Addictive Voice Awareness (AVA) to break free from my addiction and can 100% say that if you use the tools you will learn and apply them with 100% commitment and aggression you will get your life back.

You will become stronger, healthier and happier than you have ever been and the real you free of addiction will shine through.