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Pete Redmore

Team Member

Hi I’m Peter, a member of the team here at Break Free.

If I’m honest, I chose Break Free because it was the closest service to hand in a suicidal moment.

I had never been in touch with other alcohol and drug dependency organisations before because I thought I could manage my drink and drug intake.

The day that I decided that enough was enough, my addiction knew I was trying to change my behaviour and confirmed to me that I wasn’t in control but my addiction was.

My addiction went rapidly out of control involved short period of time.

I managed to get in touch with Lee Butler who brought me onto the programme.

Dealing with my addiction has not been easy, but I was adamant I had truly had enough.

Break free offer a realistic and simple process of how to deal and beat your addiction. It’s run and supported by team members who have walked the walk and understand addiction and how to beat it.

If you find yourself sitting there with a voice inside your head telling you that you haven’t got a major problem, but you know your alcohol, drug, gambling, eating disorder, ( which ever it is ) is out of control, get in touch with the team and take the first step to breaking free from your addiction and getting your life back.

If you have truly had enough of the pain and misery of the hamster wheel, I guarantee this works so long as you put 100% effort into your recovery.

My life is the polar opposite to what it was 9 months ago.

Health, wealth, relationships and work life are now all on the right track.

Break Free, this is your life and you can be in control, don’t let your addiction control you.