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How Break Free will help you

our 12-week ‘AVA’ programme

It’s no future to keep struggling! That constant battle just keeps you hovering over the self-destruct button and it’s a matter of time until it gets pressed! How can you beat something you can’t recognise! This programme gives you all the tools to start to become fully aware of your addiction and separate yourself from all its sneaky lying ways.

You’ll learn to spot it when it’s starting to create that perfect deal that you NEVER get!

You are NOT arguing with yourself! ‘AVA’ is all about THE REAL YOU (the one that desperately wants to stop) and the ‘Addictive voice’ (this is the voice that keeps telling you to ‘get on it’, ‘this is the last time’, ‘I won’t go mad’, ‘I won’t carry on for days this time’, ‘I’ll cut down’) and the usual bullshit it uses to get you to get on it again.

You may find you’ve been in a mess, no matter how hard you try, you keep losing the battle with your “addictive voice” which just keeps you lying to you every time with all the usual excuses!

It’s this “voice” that keeps tricking you into using again and is the reason you can’t stay clean. All those statements like ‘I’ll only have a drink and I won’t have a line’, ‘I’ve been good, I deserve a little blow out’, ‘I won’t go mad, I’ll just have a quiet one’, ‘I’ll definitely be in bed by midnight’.

The Break Free programme gives you support all the way through and you’re never alone in trying to “break free”.

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27/7, 365 support

005 whatsapp

Your own support group at your fingertips via WhatsApp

007 conference

A weekly midweek group meeting

001 human resources

A weekly walk and talk


Gym sessions
(classes depend on availability and a gym entry fee may apply)

008 parade

Wellbeing activities such as hiking, cold water swimming, meditation, etc

009 homework

Weekly homework and literature and more

BF 1

Life is amazing right now have managed to find a second job moved into a nicer home cleared my debts. My mental health and physical health has improved massively. I no longer live a life of pain am at peace now. My life just keeps getting better and better.


My life now is me waking up every morning and smiling feeling happy to be alive, no suicidal thoughts, happy kids who have their mum back. I have ambition I have plans for my future and I will succeed. This group didn’t just help with my addiction it healed me in ways I never ever thought possible it showed me I meant something to people, I am worthy and am wanted.


Since attending the group and going on the walks my whole outlook on life and my attitude has changed. In 4 weeks, my life is transforming. My depression and anxiety are easier to deal with. I don’t have daily suicidal thoughts. This group has probably saved my life, my marriage and the memories of my children.


I spent 15 years in and out of recovery services and i can honestly say this support program we have is the best i have witnessed! The results we are getting with those with us are amazing!