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If you would like to apply to become a participant on the programme, please complete the form below.

Please bear in mind, this is an application to be considered for the programme and not a guarantee you’ll be accepted. Each application is taken on a case-by-case basis as places are limited. If you are accepted, the cost is just £160 every month.

If you’re accepted onto the programme but it’s then felt Break Free isn’t suitable for your needs, we will signpost you to more suitable services.

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Life is amazing right now have managed to find a second job moved into a nicer home cleared my debts. My mental health and physical health has improved massively. I no longer live a life of pain am at peace now. My life just keeps getting better and better.


My life now is me waking up every morning and smiling feeling happy to be alive, no suicidal thoughts, happy kids who have their mum back. I have ambition I have plans for my future and I will succeed. This group didn’t just help with my addiction it healed me in ways I never ever thought possible it showed me I meant something to people, I am worthy and am wanted.


Since attending the group and going on the walks my whole outlook on life and my attitude has changed. In 4 weeks, my life is transforming. My depression and anxiety are easier to deal with. I don’t have daily suicidal thoughts. This group has probably saved my life, my marriage and the memories of my children.


I spent 15 years in and out of recovery services and i can honestly say this support program we have is the best i have witnessed! The results we are getting with those with us are amazing!