Since the age of 16 I have used cocaine and alcohol it has caused me so much pain and misery.

My mental health deteriorated into being diagnosed with psychosis. I went to cocaine anonymous but the help the where offering me never worked.

They go off the disease concept and handing myself over to a higher power which didn’t work for me. I finally messaged Marcus who was offering a totally new concept called AVA (Addictive Voice Awareness). It is amazing the help and support from Marcus and Lee is unbelievable, they always check in on me via text and WhatsApp group.

They taught me how to recognise my addictive voice and put it to bed quickly without relapsing. I have been off drugs and alcohol for the longest in my entire life and I thank them so much.

The meetings they do on Wednesdays, boxing classes on Mondays and walk and talks round Croxteth park on a Saturday are so amazing.

They help so much .