Anon | Break Free Support CIC

Before I got in touch with Marcus my life was literally falling apart around me because of my cocaine addiction.

My girlfriend had kicked me out and our relationship was on the verge of ending. My family were all worried about me and my business was failing. My girlfriend gave me the ultimatum to get help or we were finished. So I reached out to Marcus! 

He got back to me within minutes and invited me on a walk and talk. That first walk and talk has changed my life forever! The knowledge and support Marcus offered me and still continues to offer me is truly life saving! 

Since day 1 I’ve applied all the tools and techniques he has taught me and the result is I haven’t touched cocaine or any drug or drink for nearly 8 weeks now. I never will AGAIN!

Marcus Lee and Wal have saved my LIFE. RELATIONSHIP and my BUSINESS!

These guys are the real HEROES!