So I’ll just give you a little insight as to what my journey as a drink and cocaine user did to me. It all started back in 2001, I was 15 drinking at house parties with the older people from my area it was the norm back then.

Had my first line and E then and felt fucking great. From then on all I wanted to do was drink and use because it put me on a level that I’d never been before, it was so powerful.. so that continued for a couple of years.

I got banned for drink driving at 17 before I even got my licence 12 months what a blow that was. So I thought you need to reign it in a bit because you’ll end up with nothing in life. I went away to work but carried on drinking and using.

In 2007 I eventually bought my first house when I was 21 with help from my dad. Met my first borns mum in 2008 and she fell pregnant straight away I was buzzing I’m gonna be a dad. Still didn’t stop me though! I actually missed that birth because I was round the bend. I promised her things would change!

Did they fuck, I carried on once the dust settled. That relationship broke down in 2011. I was devastated. I went off the rails big time I lost my family and then I lost my house, the bank repossessed it, and sold it at auction. I was in debt, no home, no family, back living with my mum and dad. Life’s shit. What did I do I just carried on drinking and using!

In 2013 I got banned again for 3 years driving home from the races off my nut! Obviously didn’t learn did I? Met my current partner in 2014 at my godson’s christening. Total opposite to me. Oh my god I’m gonna ruin this girls life but she loved me from the off! So over the next 7 years I caused her nothing but misery and pain with my drinking and using. We had Alfie in 2018. I was at that birth I was very supportive this time. I carried on though I was living a lie, I was in denial I was a fraud. I had a massive ego!

I the midst of all my drinking and using I took 3 overdoses failing on all 3 attempts the worst experience was driving around buying 2 packs of painkillers from 3 or 4 retailers I took 128 tablets and survived it. I didn’t even ring an ambulance after I just carried on drinking and using. 

It was only recently the 24th of April I realised I needed help! I ended up in hospital I had to ring an ambulance now that was the final straw for me.

I reached out to Marcus and here I am.

Since then, so much has changed for me, I feel healthier and so much happier. My family are so proud of me. I’ve had a pay rise, a new car, a new van, I spend more quality time with my kids I couldn’t thank Marcus enough for being a massive part of my recovery.

He’s give me my life back…