When I was 17 one of my brothers was brutally murdered which changed my life forever. I turned to using drugs and alcohol without a care for any consequences whatsoever. I guess I didn’t care at all about life. I was in and out of work till I was 25. 

 I then joined the Royal Navy Submarine Service, however I never truly dealt with any of my problems.

 I replaced cannabis with more alcohol which turned me into a highly functioning alcoholic, however I still had my love for cocaine. This caught up with me 10 years down the line costing me my job in the navy through a drugs test. I was discharged on 30th September 2018, after 10 years of service.

 Since then my life truly spiralled out of control, I reached out to a service called Ambitions, however there service was extremely insuffice, and also reached out to addictions but was turned away due to my postcode.

 I kept using to the point of suicide

 Then I reached out to Break Free

 They took me in to there programme and believe me there is nothing in this country like it. 

I was very sceptical of there methods almost thought I knew better. But I didn’t. Without there help along with the help of the group there would only be 2 outcomes I’d be in right now, one is still using. The other doesn’t bare thinking about.