I have had problems with alcohol abuse for over 20 years. Last year in the summer of 2020 I hit rock bottom. My mental health was worse than ever and I was depressed and suicidal.

I managed to stop drinking in the October and have been in and out of different support services including AA. I found the services I used difficult to understand especially AA. I couldn’t get my head around the fact I had a disease that I had to carry around with me for the rest of my life.

I managed to get 6 months of sobriety under my belt but was still extremely depressed unhappy and was having suicidal and intrusive thoughts on a daily basis. I saw a Facebook video online and followed it. I resonated with everything that was said and realised that it was my addiction that was dragging me down and wouldn’t let me move on with my life.

The level of understanding and support provided wasn’t like anything I have ever encountered before. Literally within a few days of applying the technique of AVA I was feeling a lot better. My family noticed the difference in me immediately. 

As time has gone on I have attended the weekly meeting and been on some of the walk and talks. I am also part of a WhatsApp Group with other people who are also at different stages of their recovery. This has been a massive help. 

There is always constructive advice in there and it really helps my mental health. The meetings are a real inspiration and have been an imperative part of my recovery. It is now 8 weeks since I reached out and these guys have changed my life and saved my Family.

My Wife and two kids have never been happier and everyone close to me has noticed the change in me. I also attend a men’s mental health group elsewhere bi-weekly.

They have all seen the change in me and I have been approached by other people who are struggling with addiction asking if I can refer them.

I am now happier than I have been in a very long time free from my addiction and at peace knowing I will never ever go back.