I am currently being mentored by Marcus Nicholas Wal and Lee Butler , they have introduced me to the AVRT method which is a practical approach to beating addiction and working with mental Health issues , such as anxiety and depression.

Since my first group meeting that I have attended I have remained drug and alcohol free , I am now 7 weeks clean and sober and can honestly say with the knowledge that I have been given and the constant support I receive I will remain abstinent for the rest of my life.

Not only have the group sessions been beneficial to me but also the 24/7 support , group walks and fitness class have played a massive part in my recovery.

I have used drugs and alcohol for 17 years and not been able to achieve a significant amount of “clean” time , but since becoming part of this group and finally being able to understand the neurological aspect of addiction I have now been able to confront it head on and finally feel like I have my life back.

In the past I have tried several other methods such as AA , trust the process day rehab and support from medical professionals such as the crisis team, Leighton hospital and many other organisations that specialise in substance misuse, none of these worked for me personally.

All my life I just wanted and needed someone to explain to me in a practical and logical way of how to overcome my issues. I feel that the method that Marcus and Lee have taught me does this I owe them my life, and my family and children have all benefited hugely from my recent new found sobriety.

I feel that if I had been introduced to this method years ago it would have saved me from many years of suffering in addiction, that’s why I feel so passionate about them being able to teach this technique to the wider community and be able to save others too.

Also I have to mention the support for the mental health side of things, mental health issues come hand in hand with addiction and Wal, who is also a part of the team alongside lee and Marcus has been able to provide one on one support for myself and other member of this groups , teaching us things from life coaching to breathing techniques and stress management.

I would be more than happy to provide more information with regards to my personal recovery or answer any questions in relation to breaking free.