I started using drink and drugs, i suffered a lot of trauma as a child and couldn’t deal with it as I got older. Over many years my life became out of control the drink and drugs got a hold of me. Before i new it i couldn’t stop.

I decided enough was enough when tried to commit suicide I just couldn’t continue living this chaotic lifestyle living in pain, I was at rock bottom an my two beautiful children nearly lost their mummy. I accessed many drug and alcohol services an centres over the years but nothing seem to be working. I still continued to use and if am honest,  worse than ever, things was out of control. As a result of my recklessness I came close to death on many occasions after drinking and using for days on end.

I came across a group on Facebook offering support and advice on drinking drugs mental health etc an ask if anyone needed help to reach out to them. I sat back at first watching the videos they were uploading and I could relate so much. So I decided to message the page for help. A guy called Marcus Nicholas responded to me.


Marcus taught a technique called AVA (Addictive Voice Awareness). I’d never came across this before even in many of years in service. Marcus was there for me every second every minute that i needed him. He was so supportive he gave me lots of advice and educated me from his own experiences in recovery himself.

Marcus gave me his mobile number and said I was to call him immediately an we would talk it through together. Things started to make sense. I trusted Marcus an I opened up to him as he made me feel so at ease and not judged. Marcus is very down to earth, straight talking and that is what I needed to finally beat my addiction.

Marcus would check in on me daily via messages, voice messages and would upload lots of videos for support an advice for me to watch.

I am now a few months clean, my life now is unbelievable. My life has changed for the better in every way possible. MARCUS SAVED MY LIFE. He also saved my children from losing their mummy.

Life is amazing right now have managed to find a second job moved into a nicer home cleared my debts. My mental health and physical health has improved massively. I no longer live a life of pain am at peace now. My life just keeps getting better and better.

I have made a friend for life with Marcus and will always be thankful for everything he has done for me an my family. And I always know if I need him he will always be there throughout my recovery.