I reached out to Break Free a broken man, I couldn’t understand why I was stuck in the cycle of drinking and using when I knew I hated what I was doing and all the hurt and chaos I was causing.

I thought that was my life. But through this program and learning about AVA and with the support of Marcus, Lee and Wal and the whole of the group I have got my life back. I cannot thank them enough.

I was asked had I had enough and I had truly had enough and willing to do anything. All I was asked to give a 100% commitment and to trust the process and and Marcus, Lee and Wal have matched my commitment with 100% commitment in me!

This program works and am proud to be a part of the break free family because that is what it feels like to me a family. The rewards I am getting health, wealth, trust and relationships to name a few in such a short space are time are amazing not just for me but for my family and loved ones.

If you have really have had enough and willing to give 100% then trust me this program works.